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Our Gallery space is a multifaceted and versatile large open floor design. Our walls include both drywall and brick and we have two more inward facing walls that can swivel in order to create different visual flows for events and art shows. 

The gallery space in particular is also home to our coworking community which includes eclectic tables, chairs, and couches to encourage a creative working environment. During an art show reception or event, hosts have the option to keep the tables and chairs and use them for the event or we can store them for a more free standing event.

We are always looking for creative partnerships and artists of all types to showcase. We would love to hear what show you are planning for. Please submit a show request form below!

Once you fill out the form and availability is confirmed, we will request an artist statement or description, a photo of the artist or a representation of the artist in order to share to our gallery visitors as well as, two to three photos of pieces that can represent the bulk of your show.

Let’s Plan An

Art Show

*Use of the Gallery for an art show premiere or opening reception is $250/hr. The cost is $125/hr for community members. Show limits are up to 30 days maximum. Cost for Gallery use only is 20% of any sale.

What best describes your community member status?
Thanks for submitting!

*We will check on our Gallery availability and let you know soon through a follow-up email!

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